Technology Comparison

DTI Korea

Quantum Flash Charging Method

** Hybrid PULS modulation
Max 2C
rate charging capability for middle (Over 3C Rate) discharging batteries


(0.2~0.4C rate charging capability)

Heat management

Enclosure heat radiation & Internal air circulation design 

Nature or Using normal heatsink

Battery life cycle

Improving lifetime of Cell using Quantum Flash Charging method

Decrease lifetime of Cell

Safety control

Intelligent BMS & Bi-directional communication for battery pack safety

Passive BMS & no communication with battery cell

State of Charge

Accurate SoC can be shown in real time on the display of e-Bike and the Smart phone App via Bluetooth

Not accurate.
Show only on the display of e-Bike

Charging station

No need a charging station.
Just need AC outlet from Resident AC Power

Need a charging station

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